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Today is a marvellous day!

And so it will till you want it.

Welcome to Bertoland!!

Bertoland started as the personal homepage of Berto, but it now aims to grow-up as a virtual new world (that sounds great isn't it ?) with its virtual places and communities, its virtual market, its virtual weather (sun shining today!), its virtual (and real!) friends, .... :-)

First virtual view of Bertoland is the countryside above, as I like countryside quite much! Tomorrow it could be the see or the open space or.... Send your suggestions! :-)

As for any serious new world, Bertoland is under construction and still will in the future! Altought we have started with little, remember: "Any jurney of a thousand miles starts with a first step!" - Confucio ? :-)

If you are curious to see more about Bertoland, please proceede further using the links on the left.

If you wish to participate in the construction with your suggestions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at:

Thanks for visiting and see you back soon! ;-)

P.S. - note about Bertoland language: Bertoland is written in many languages, as the material comes from several sources. The idea is to keep at least English&Italian versions, but apart from this first page, indeed not everything is ready yet... ;-).

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